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SMC spark fades after 1 min of running

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  • SMC spark fades after 1 min of running

    I just finished my dyno on my 78 1.8t atc motor scirocco and everything went well. 2 weeks later I thought the notorious coil pack syndrome has hit again.

    the car started missing and right away I knew it was the coil pack. I shut the off then started it and it ran fine.

    This morning it started missing on number 1. This is where it gets interesting. I put a plug tester on 4 different coils the coils all would fire for about a minute then no more fire......... any ideas on this I posted a video because I was amazed. This is only happening on number 1 cyl that I can tell.

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    Ok after more research I moved coil packs to different positions of course it did the same thing in every cylinder
    with known good cool packs. The spark is fine until the motor warms up and it slow fades away on every cylinder like a limp mode.
    The SMC says I have sync I/p signal missing. Code 3:4..
    I have ohm out from the cam sensor pins 1 and 2 and 3 back to the smc pins 20 pin 8 pin 31 all show good also this goes thru a reluctor.


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      Interesting find . The number 4 vag cop pin 3 which is 5v signal voltage showed shorted to grd which is connected to the smc pin 11 ign output 2. And pin 3 on cylinder 1 cop. Replaced coul pack ran fine for 5 min then got the sync up signal missing again and car died . Any input would be great why this is happening all of sudden.


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