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Help SMC COP Cannot get to fire

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  • Help SMC COP Cannot get to fire

    Hello guys long time SMC owner now just starting to play
    with my 78 VW Scirocco. I have a SMC 1.99 attached to a
    Audi stock 1.8t ATC motor . T3/T4 50 trim ceramic bb turbo,
    water intercooler, 550 injectors, Bosch 044 pump thru a Aeromotive
    4 bar regulator, etc etc.

    The issue is the stock COP 06b 905115e are notorious
    for going bad. I am swapping them out with the Audi R8
    06e 905 115e. I cannot get the 06e to fire. I tried putting
    560 ohm resistor inline on the 5v trigger with no luck.
    Anyone have anything else to try.

    When I put 12 volts from battery thru the resistor to the trigger
    the coil fires fine.

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    you cant use these coils with a smc ecu unless it has a dwell board installed.
    You need coils without a ignition module + a cdi or bosch smart modules.


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      Thank you vw ry much now to find a SMC dwell board.


      • #4
        Think you`ll have more luck finding a 500r and use some other cdi and use coils without a igniter.


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          Thanks guys I don't quite understand the software/hardware differences between the smc sm4.
          I assume my SMC is out dated. I would like to know if
          I could download my existing smc parameters ie. My tune into the sm4 without having to redyno the car. If thats
          the case . Are the wiring harnesses between the SMC and SM4 interchangeable into the sm4 head unit? Or am going to have to do a rewire?..


          • #6
            You could use the info from the smc file to get it to work on a sm4, but you need to know what you are doing to do so.
            to use a sm4 you would have to change the connector.
            A sm4 will be able to control the coils you are using.


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