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Injector calibration accuracy?

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  • Injector calibration accuracy?

    Do anyone here have any experience how good the predefined injector calibrations in sm4 software is?
    Reason for asking is that comparing the bosch 0280158821 and the ID2000 calibrations they are no where near close to each other even if it`S basically the same injector ( ID just buys bulk of them and flow match them as sets. )
    So in my mind changing the calibration wile engine running should not make fueling change much at all. but in reality it changes quite drastically..

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    Have you formed a view as to which is the correct compensation?
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      I haven't tuned the engine with the new Bosch injectors, so I don't know how the calibration for it is.
      But I do feel that the id 2000 might be a little wrong.
      This is based on that i needed to run really high numbers at low/free rev portion of the fuel map compared to the rest of the map. This tells me that deadtimes might be a little of.

      I will come back with my results as soon as soon as i get the car tuned with the new Bosch injectors.
      ​​​​​​(btw: engine runs quite a lot leaner with 821 calibration then with id2000's, this tells me that deadtimes are set lower for the Bosch injectors even if they are the same injector.)


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        I use the 821 injector in a speedway application where it runs without an alternator. The 821 comp looks good to me. I have converted both cals to user defined and they are different.
        He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.


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          Is there a way to see how the actual Cal is on each injector?
          Could you post a guide to it? Would help a lot to know how autronic does this.
          And one more thing : do you think the claim that id2000's isn't really a 821 Bosch injector? (from what I know even id says they are?)


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            The initial ID2000 injector compensations were done with data supplied from ID. They (ID) provided very detailed measurements and the compensations were derived solely from their data. Subsequent testing at the Autronic office verified the ID measurements very closely (even though ID test with an injector driver circuit slightly different to what is in an Autronic ECU) and there was no need to change the initial compensations. I have used that compensation on a number of ID2000 installations and have found the compensation to be one of the most precise ones of all the injector selections. One install was on a methanol engine with the hot idle injection pulse time at about 1 msec. To flush the system with petrol you could put a single value of 0.5 in the Aux Fuel Comp 3 table and the engine would idle with an injection pulse time of 0.5 msec and a stable 13.3 AFR without any other changes to the cal. I had not seen any other injector comp ever do that.

            I was under the impression that ID1600 injectors were Bosch 028015882? injectors, which were CNG injectors and had seat material which was incompatible with some petrol elements and were subsequently discontinued after problems.

            What base fuel pressure is being used and what is the engine?


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