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    from reading other posts I have noticed that some inputs or outputs are better for certain things, can some of the experienced guys have a quick look and let me know if my ideas will be ok or suggest a swap around for a few things. car is a lexus is300 with a vvti 2jz with a gtx4202 currently on stock transmission until I get a low boost tune to give to the converter manufacturer before putting a TH400 in. stock ecu will maintain control of auto trans for now, fbw throttle, multiplex dash, primary fuel pump (converted to constant 12v rather than the oem variable speed), rad fans, AC etc. the sm4 will just be doing fuel, ign, boost, traction and 2nd fuel pump. I have the basic cam/crank/tps/ect/iat/o2/power/earth as per normal. some advice on my additional input output config would be much appreciated.
    Flex sensor input on hsi2
    fuel pressure sensor on Analogue 1 (0-150psi .5-4.5v)
    VSS hsi1 (40 tooth reluctor from 4l60e on output shaft of TH400) (for driven wheel speed)
    non driven abs wheel speed on hsi3 (factory Toyota/lexus reluctor type wheel speed sensor)
    ign 1-3 through mux for 6 channel ign
    inj 1-6
    EBC on pwm2
    secondary fuel pump (change the autronic fuel pump output parameters to suit my application - staged at 14psi)
    vvti cam control pwm1

    Edit: v1.12 chipset if that makes a difference
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    That all looks reasonable. If the transmission sensor is magnetic / reluctor a reluctor interface should be used for the HSI. Similarly for the non-driven wheel sensor, but only if the sensor is not also being used for ABS. If you want to share a sensor between ABS and something else then an isolation interface must be used to ensure that there is no interference to the ABS.


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      yes the transmission is reluctor, yes I will be sharing the undriven wheel speed reluctor with abs. does this mean I will need 2x reluctor interfaces (or the autronic 2 channel unit), one on the gearbox signal and one on the abs signal after the isolation interface or will the reluctor interface cancel any interference?


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        Ian or Chris, I am ready to proceed with my traction control and intend on ordering a reluctor interface when I can find some info on the abs isolation unit you speak of, can it be bought, do I need to make it or would it be much easier to remove the right front abs sensor from the abs unit and use it for undriven wheel speed and connect the left sensor to both front wheel speed inputs to keep the other electronics happy and power down the abs unit to prevent it from activating when it has inaccurate wheel speed info.
        edit: I have just read that disconnecting one or more of the abs sensors deactivates the factory traction control and abs system but still keeps the system powered up for speedo, odometer, fuel gauge and consumption meters, this triggers abs and trac lights on the dash, I think I will just remove the light globes when I pull the check engine globe due to my th400 conversion.
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          I think in this instance I would fit a separate sensor.
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            I believe the main office can do an electrically isolated version of the normal reluctor interface on request.


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              thanks, I spoke to ian last week and he said that if I call Richard and explain what i'm trying to do he will make the unit that will suit me best.
              thanks Chris.


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