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Good 1000cc Injectors

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  • Good 1000cc Injectors

    Going with larger Injector this winter and would like to get some recommendations
    i was looking at the bosh 0280158040 with extended tips
    those are made at about 1000cc/min and unmodified

    Do you have other good choice?
    i like the fact they those are unmodifed and already in the injector option list in the software
    it`s for a 2.0 4 cyl with an older SMC ecu


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    Those injectors are high current. If serial number is below 5387 need to ensure serial number
    ends in A4. If 5387 or higher need to check injector current jumper link is set correctly.
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      I will check serial number on my smc tomorrow to be sure
      right not i'm running old rc 550 low ohms injectors (iirc 3-4 ohms) and a spray patern almost like a garden hose
      those bosh are 12 ohms from the specs
      i always taught that low then 6 ohms was high current and 10 and up was low current (low amp)


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        Ian made a comment today about this. If your ecu has the old style Cherry semiconductor 2 amp drivers, then it would likely work OK with a 12Ω injector. However for a 5387 or higher serial number ecu would need to be correctly selected on the jumper link as high current. This is related to the different operating characteristics of the injector drivers.
        He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.


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          Will go grab my ecu and check,
          car is in storage
          thanks Chris
          would you happen to have a preference for 1000cc injectors?


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            In the aftermarket/performance world, the focus is generally always on flow.
            i am not sure this is the correct approach. Experience has shown that matching
            an injector to an engine, is as much art, as science.
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            He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.


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              It's the reason why i'm searching,
              trying to find a good "native" 1000cc injector
              i have some old RC 550's on it right now and the spray patern of those coule compare to a garden hose
              would like something with better atomisation
              Power target is 450-500 to the crank
              i'd say 850 would be good, but trying to keep a margin for later add on and looks like most compagnies jump from 759 to 1000


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