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    Hey guys...Let me say that I have learned a lot from this site and its greatly appreciated Im no where close to having the knowledge most of you have and to be honest the only time I ever post is when Im having a problem...

    I don't race but living in SOCAL I do have a sand car I run at the desert and it has a sm4 in it..I have a Honda 3.5l with twin turbos and its a really reliable motor..My problem is last trip my fuel pump took a crap on me in the middle of a ride ..right before it crapped out I noticed the motoring sputtering and then it quit...I had a new fuel at camp so I put it in but now the motor has a miss fire to it...whats kinda weird is that yes its down on power but no a whole lot....I checked the plugs and all looked really good except for number three ...its not that it looked bad just looked different..So I took the C.O.P off number three and replaced it with a new one but that didn't help ... the way the fuel pump went out would that make the computer compensate for the low fuel pressure at the time and change something ???...I am gonna pull my intake and check the injectors but I thought Id ask the question until I was able to do that

    When I go to start the motor for the first couple of seconds the motor runs perfect then it starts missing..I connected the SM4 to my laptop and found no ecu errors relating to a miss fire which I found odd....However there was and error that said "4 cycles old too many pulses and one said not enough pulses... is this related to my issue...?

    thank you in advance for any help

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    I'm no expert, but you'd be best to commence a data log then start the motor and watch the graph lines and see what is going on. Too many/too little pulses sounds like you have an error occurring with crank and or cam position sensor.


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      The ECU could only compensate for a fuel pressure drop if it has a fuel pressure sensor fitted along with a suitably configured trim table. Also, the injectors would need to be sufficiently large to not run out of duty cycle if the compensation had to occur at high rpm's. That is, if they normally run at 90% duty cycle at high engine speeds there is not much scope left for compensations if the fuel pressure were to drop significantly.

      Maybe the engine has some internal damage. Can you do a compression test?


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