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  • SMC Log File Converter

    I got tired of fiddling with the Autronic software under Wine/Windows to convert my engine logs.

    I reverse engineered the format, and have a parser in Perl that generates a CSV file very similar to the one created by the Autronic software.

    There are some unknown fields that may control how the data is interpreted, but for right now it works for the ones that I use. If you have a file that is not created properly, send your binary file, as well as your CSV file from the autronic software, and I'll update the converter.

    I'd like to put this out on an open source server somewhere. Is there an Autronic repo that would be a good choice for this?

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    You can export any log file in a CSV format from the software. What was wrong with it?


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      There's nothing wrong with it, except that there are features I would like to have:

      1) Run under Linux.
      2) Pipe input to/from other processes. Like cat filename.DAT | | |

      I would also like the realtime information in the serial stream that goes to the Autronic. One of these days I plan on decoding that too, which I suspect will be easier than deciphering the log file. I have another computer collecting other information that the Autronic doesn't have, and it would sure be nice to collect all of the data in one place, rather than across two computers and two OS's. The serial stream provided by the Autronic doesn't have things like per-cylinder injection time. The only way to get that is post-processing by the Autronic. Also, if you have a PC power glitch, all of your PC logged data is gone. You must save it using the GUI to persist it.


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