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    I use the SM4 for drag racing, and Im finding the boost control very limiting.

    I've got 3 set points, so I use 1st, 2nd and 3rd-4th combined, however I find the combined 3rd-4th too restrictive. Is there any way to get more flexible control, otherwise I'm going to have to look at an AMS1000

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    Change the Y axis of the Boost Setpoint tables to something more suitable for your application. You could use a GPC to produce a software output based on Gear ratio (for example) and use the Software output value on the Boost setpoint Y axis. You could have 4 lines (one for each gear) in just one setpoint table.


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      sorry I cant see how you change the Y axis, can you explain please.


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        M5 > Table axis set up.

        Set to a variable or a GPC duty.

        What is your need for boost set up?
        Robert Jansson


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          OK I'm not up to speed on GPC tables so I'm struggling a little, can any one help...

          What I need is 4 gears & boost vs rpm
          My gear ratios are
          1st - 11kph
          2nd - 14.5kph
          3rd - 19.3kph
          4th - 41kph

          1st gear boost I currently run
          1000 rpm - 140
          5000 rpm - 220
          6000 rpm - 240
          7000 rpm - 260
          8000 rpm - 280
          8500 rpm - 300

          2nd gear

          1000 rpm - 220
          5000 rpm - 240
          6000 rpm - 260
          7000 rpm - 280
          8000 rpm - 300
          8500 rpm - 320

          3rd & 4th I run
          1000 rpm - 260
          5000 rpm - 300
          6000 rpm - 310
          7000 rpm - 320
          8000 rpm - 330
          8500 rpm - 340


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            May I suggest you consult a highly competent Autronic dealer
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              Ive got the GPC1 table setup, just need to work out how to actually use it for the boost control rather than the standard boost points.


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                Go to menu M5 - M5 tables axis setup - Boost setpoints y and change the axis to GPC 1 duty (or maybe an Sfw out if that is where you have directed the GPC output).


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