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    Car is a 98 Subaru sti wagon with forged 2.5 running smc v1.99 740cc injectors

    I recently got this error and stupidly (after reading threads on here) kept turning the engine over until the battery was nearly dead. This caused the engine to get severely flooded. Took about 8 hours to get the engine to fire back up.

    What myself and a friend had to do was hook up the laptop , clear the fault and then, take the plugs out dry them ,disconnect the injectors and then the engine would fire and run for about 5 seconds.

    Then thinking the cylinders were dry , the injector were reconnected and attempt to start the car , it would fire up initially and then flood itself again. This went on for hours .

    After making sure the plugs were dry,we eventually entered 0 (used to be 80) into all the cells in the fuel table were the engine was cranking , then gradually increased this to 30, engine started to fire but was lumpy, I kept turning it over while a friend increased the fuel to 60.

    With a light push on the throttle The engine rpm rise to 3500rpm and it was smooth, a lot of black smoke coming from the exhaust, I held the revs until this cleared and then the car idled perfect

    As regards the error. If I just cleared the fault as soon as it showed up and turned the engine over this would not have happened??? Am I correct?

    The ecu seems to be working fine again for the last 4 days so that's good.

    Is there anyway to avoid this fault recurring?

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    You usually only get a CMOS error if the ECU has not had battery power for a long time. Was the battery disconnected for a while?

    What should be done is to clear the fault, and leave the ECU powered for a few minutes. Then you need to do a TPS reset, as the TPS settings will have been lost. To reset for SMC, SMD, SM2, and SM4 (unless using fixed parameters with 1.09 chip). Turn ignition on (engine off), disconnect TPS connector for about 15 seconds, reconnect TPS connector and wait 5 seconds then press the throttle all the way to full throttle and hold for 5 seconds. TPS is now reset.

    To my knowledge, that fault will only occur if the ECU has not had a constant 12 volt to the ECU +12 volt supply terminal for a long period of time. If it occurs frequently with power being constantly supplied, then there may be an issue with the ECU.


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