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Pulling timing 2 step ideas

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  • Pulling timing 2 step ideas

    This is just a bit of a theory, thought i've had if anyone has any input about it good or bad, perhaps tell me its pointless.

    With cars that retard the ignition timing on the 2 or 3 step, lets say for the sake of discussion we have a car setup thats pulling 10 degrees on the transbrake to help it get on boost in time for the green and its working fairly well. So at the time of letting the button go and leaving the actual ignition timing is minus 10. Now even though its very quick the transbrake solenoid lets the car go as the timing is returned to normal.

    My question/thought is, do you think that the performance would be hurt by the millisecond time that the timing is retarded before it returns, or so minor you would never see it?

    With my ignition I can say, again using 10 as an example and using 5000rpm as example launch RPM, i could pull 10 degrees on transbrake but only up to 4900RPM, since once its there it wont need the timing pulled to keep swinging as its already making boost, and the timing can be all put back in ready for the initial hit on the green.

    Any thoughts? Hope i make a bit of sense


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    Noone thinks its a good or a bad idea? lol


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      From several readings of your initial post my understanding is that you are concerned about the transbrake releasing before the timing has recovered. My initial thoughts would be that the timing recovery would be faster than the transbrake solenoid release so you would have normal timing before the brake has released. Unless you have the Ignition Attack rate table set slow I would expect the timing to be recovered within one cylinder of releasing the switch.


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        Yep you got what i was trying to say!

        It is an MSD 7531 in my case doing the timing alterations rather than the ecu since im running the SMC. I guess i can test the theory once I have a consistent 60ft but if the timing recovery is that quick then there would certainly be no gain.


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          I assumed you were using the ECU for the timing retard. In your case I don't know what the MSD might do in that regard.


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