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  • Tuning issues

    I'm wondering if there is a specific "hot" wire air flow meter that can be used with a SM4
    Currently tuning with baro/tps instead of MAP , as vacuum signal is small & unstable with ITBs.
    Any advice to improve part throttle driveability would be great

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    I would not recommend using an air flow meter. The setup exists in the ecu for use on FIA Group N rally cars where sensors cannot be added to the system. However the system uses a simple conversion factor from airflow to manifold pressure. It has limited provision to compensate for airflow overshoot /undershoot or other flow irregularities.

    Try Baro/MAP with TPS as an axis in the fuel/ignition/afr target tables.
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      What throttle bodies do you have and are there balance tubes / ports between them?
      Where were you deriving the MAP signal from and what Trigger pattern is selected in your cal?


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        Further to Chris's post the available compensations have only ever been tested / used on turbo engines (Evo's obviously) to my knowledge.


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          The ITBs that I'm using are Toyota silvertop ones. They are all connected to a common vac manifold with very little volume.
          Map source is from the common manifold mentioned above
          As for the trigger patterns I'm not sure, will have to look
          Sorry not even sure where to find trigger patterns in cal file
          Maybe I should have said speed density sensor
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