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    Some wishes from me:

    Measuring PWM pulse width and/or pulse time with a HSI input and use as variable for compensation tables and/or GPC.

    User configurable Y-axis for injector end angle table.

    User configurable axis for rev limiter 1 and/or rev limiter 2.
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      Fly by wire done internally not via a separate controller.

      Seems autronic is starting to fall behind the game i have started looking at motec/haltec items
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        I would like to say that I haw been using the SM4 since 2008 and I am very pleased with it making 620whp on my Audi S4.
        And hope that Autronics keeps on for years to come.

        There are places I see for improvement;

        Ethernet cable since they are cheap and easy to get a hold of plus it is getting increasingly harder to get serial port for laptops, and the adapters seem to have connection problems over time (personal experience).

        Maybe a video room/youtube channel where you go from the basics up too the expert level of the Autronics. This can give little extra know how that can help the hobbyist.


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          Originally posted by robzter View Post
          think that wouldnt be a problem :P are alot of sockets out there or just add an extra one

          but one thing that realy grind my gears are that its serial and not USB. why the F does the ECU makers think distributing a port that is so old that its no longer made on any computer. heck even USB1 is a dying breed.

          thought about another thing that would be nice to have. CAN or something like that so you can add stuff like racepak dashes and such.

          Sorry for the late reply
          . You will note the latest F1 ecu has RS232.
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            It also has eathernet. :P
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              A few things i`m missing that shouldnt be to hard implementing :

              GPC inhibit: post start timeout
              GPC: custom name ( you call it what you want. )
              GPC: full linear on\off table ( as it is now, it`s not possible to get a 100% linear 3D on\off table.)


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                Hahahaha, Chris, not many persons will understand what RS232 support means even if they're using a USB communication cable ;-)

                Urs4, someone has started a helpful YouTube channel


                Have a look when you have a few minutes, it's pretty decent.

                From what I've seen not many other ECU on the market boast an engine model which is fully functional and spot on, and while you're at it, there's a huge difference between a fuel model and a fuel equation. The Autronic brand has a lot of unique offerings which can be appreciated, I am happy enough with their progress over the years and I look forward to their growth.
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                  Thank you Sarde.
                  That youtube channel is quite good.


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                    another year has passed and some work have been done to the car. now i have realized the need of more inputs are more needed now than never. can't you make an extension unit like the knock control? so instead of knock i get 5-10 extra 0-5v inputs? mostly it would be needed for logging fuel pressure, 4xsuspension logging, gear shifter torque and oil pressure.

                    progressive nitrous control would also be nice since the size of turbos are increasing like mad and the spool isn't really keeping up.


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                      Create an external Autronic PDM (power distribution module)

                      Like the Racepak smartwire but can read the SM4 . Endless possibilities with Autronic software .

                      I think it's a good idea to multiply the SM4 I/P O/P.


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