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Compare waxing and sealing glaze

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  • Compare waxing and sealing glaze

    Car waxing and the use of bright glaze, both with automotive beauty, cosmetic gloss automotive paint protection means, so the function, the two have the same place, but waxing and car comparison, has its own bright glaze a distinct advantage.

    First, the bright glaze insoluble in water, to avoid water car waxing scared defects. Because wax car wax are used water-soluble, so if the car hit the rainy weather just kick wax, it will be marked with wax dissolved rain, no protection paint and beauty. And because the wax can be dissolved in water, kick wax to the car with coilover suspension wash also caused a lot of inconvenience, but bright glaze is because they do not dissolve in water, so bright after finishing glaze, without fear of being dissolved in water phenomenon can be long-term protect car paint.

    Second, do not damage the original paint. And compared to waxing, sealing glaze second advantage is that will not damage the car paint, due to the traditional car wax after washing and waxing must first frequent washing will naturally harm car paint, car adopts high performance Nissan Crankshaft over time will make it thinner, and bright glaze is to adopt a similar nano-technology, the flow of the glaze body in car paint adhesion and transparent surface hardening, which is equivalent to the car paint put on a layer of transparent hard. "protective clothing, "so you can play a role in protecting the car paint. Recommend RB26 crankshaft for car modification.

    Third, the protection for a long time, after the car as a package sealing glaze can protect about a year, while avoiding the frequent washing of trouble, dust the surface of the car can be easily wiped off.

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