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Check list converting to v1.09 CPU

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  • Check list converting to v1.09 CPU

    Check the following when converting to v1.09. The I/P Cylinder & Sync are required to be checked for all conversions. Other items depend on version being converted from.

    Menu M1;
    I/P Cylinder & Sync – Trigger Decoder,
    I/P Cylinder & Sync – Lead Angle Picklist,
    I/P Cylinder & Sync – Lead Angle,
    I/P Cylinder & Sync – Digital Angle filter,
    I/P Switches – I/P Water Spray,
    I/P Switches – I/P Antilag 2,
    I/P Switches – I/P Traction Control,
    I/P Switches – I/P TC Wet,
    I/P Switches – I/P Ign mod switch (If switch is not required this parameter MUST be set to Continuous for Ign Mod 1 table to work),
    O/P Setup – Water Spray,
    I/P Analogs – I/P Manifold – Man upper limit,
    I/P Analogs – I/P Throttle – Error limit lo, Error limit hi,
    I/P Analogs – I/P Throttle – 0% limit, 100% limit,
    I/P Analogs – I/P Air temp – Air T upper limit,
    I/P HSI - HSI 3 - HSI Slow Scale
    Vcam setup – Cam 1 Offset Angle (new formula), Cam 2 Offset Angle (new formula),
    Gear / Speed Cal – Speed Setup – L driven channel, R driven channel, L vehicle channel, R vehicle channel,
    Gear / Speed Cal – Speed Setup – Driven speed detect, Vehicle speed detect.

    Menu M3;
    Accel pumps setup – Trans comp mode, Trans comp rpm threshold,
    Accel / Decel Amount X,
    Accel / Decel Amount Tc,

    Menu M4;
    Accel / Decel fuelC x,
    Accel / Decel fuelC Tc,
    Start Config,
    Start Fuel factor,
    IAC Tuning – Vacuum limit GPC.

    Menu M5;
    Antilag setup – IAC Opening 2,
    Antilag setup – Retard Offset 2,
    Launch control – Launch RPM source,
    Launch control – Retard rpm offset,
    Launch control – Ign retard source,
    TC – TC setup – Min TPS,
    TC – Wet tune – TC TPS wet offset

    Menu M6;
    GPCs (1-4) – GPC Tune – GPC Setpoint Min (when using GPC Feedback),
    GPCs (1-4) – GPC Tune – GPC Setpoint Max (when using GPC Feedback),
    O/P Datastream – O/P Datastream,
    O/P Datastream – User defined 1, 2, 3, 4.

    Recommended values for the new transient values are;
    • TPS Accel Decay Time; 1000 rpm = 0.040 sec, 1500 = 0.032, 3000 = 0.016, 6000 = 0.008.
    • TPS Accel Recovery t; 1000 rpm = 0.040 sec, 1500 = 0.032, 3000 = 0.016, 6000 = 0.008.
    • Spare TPS Trans mode, Ignition Comp 1, Fuel Comp 1 should be ignored.
    • Trans Comp RPM Threshold should be set to minimum engine run speed, example 450 rpm.
    • Trans Comp Mode should be set to Time based
    • Accel/Decel AmountX; Port injection = 0.1 to 0.2, Injectors above throttle plates = 0.2 to 0.4, Throttle body injection = 0.3 to 0.5, Injectors above supercharger = 0.3 to 0.6.
    • Accel/Decel Amount Tc; 0.1 for all values.
    • Accel/Decel FuelC X; 1 for all values.
    • Accel/Decel FuelC TC; 60 deg = 1, 30 deg = 2, 0 deg = 4, -30 deg = 8.

    The Start config table defines the injectors that receive the fuel pulses and also the maximum pulse (not totaled) time;
    The Start Injectors parameter determines which injectors are activated. Normally this would be all injectors but if the engine has staged injectors you can select which injectors receive the starting fuel.

    The Start Inj clamp parameter determines the pulse length. If this value is set to 5msec and the ECU calculates a starting time of 30 msec then 6 x 5 msec pulses will be applied. This is to aid atomization.
    As long as the Start inj clamp is under 10 mSec it will multishoot during start. I have found that 5 mSec works fine in most cases.

    The Start Fuel factor table is like the previous P-S Enrichment mul and time out.
    Now the Starting (<400rpm) enrichment table is separate.
    Suggested values for this table are between 1 and 2 times the values in the P-S Enrichment tables.

    The ECU has new functions to decides that the engine is "Dry" and when to apply the start fuel. Also other parameters like how long the engine has been off and how it was stopped is taking into the calculations.

    Here is a start cal file for 1.09 with correct transients settings.
    Last edited by Ian; October 14th, 2008, 05:10 PM.
    Robert Jansson

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    How can i upgrade my SM4 to v1.09 ??
    now i'm v1.07



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      You get a new 1.09 chip by your dealer, and carfully get it replaced in the socket.
      Robert Jansson


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        I read on other treads that it was a problem with chip on model 8000 to 9999, mine is 9592...
        The question is, did i have to pay for that chip ???

        thanks for quick reply



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          Please give a link to where you saw this issue.
          He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.


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              I have error code 8-2 that always go and come back... if it is my CMOS battery... where is she, do you have an image to show me exactly where the batterry is, so i can change for a new one !!!

              thank you

              the link to threads talk about that code !!



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