SMC 1.92, engine is Alfa V6 24v out of 164.
Cold start has no issues, cyl/sync at about 19-20% during cold cranking and car starts and works without issues, at idle cyl/sync goes to 76-79%.
When it gets to working temp and I turn it off, it will not start again with code 34 cyl/sync i/p missing unless I wait some time, sometimes 5 mins is enough, sometimes 20 mins. The weird part is during this hot cranking cyl/sync goes up to about 22-23%, but I still get code 34.
Cam sensor is hall and crank (60-2) is inductive with reluctor interface. I replaced the cam sensor, I even tried my spare ECU, but again same weird situation. I also checked the wiring.
I tested with an oscilloscope right at the sensor and down at the ECU and all looks fine on cold and hot engine. In all conditions power supply to the sensor is 8v and return signal is just below 5v.
Below is a screenshot from the oscilloscope measured at the ECU, signals are not missing, all looks ok.
I can check both channels (cam and crank) to check if the cam sync occurs always at the same place, but I doubt that is the issue. Other. than that I am completely lost and don't know what else to check.