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Fouled plug in Waste spark mode on Subi motor with a SMD 2.00

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  • Fouled plug in Waste spark mode on Subi motor with a SMD 2.00

    Kinda perplexing problem here..

    When my EJ20 powered BRZ ( Long story.... if on instagram look up AWD_BRZ...) Running a SMC the car wil drop to 2 cylinders if one plug fouls. and the Tach stops reading (using the Autronic tach curcuit).

    I know its only one plug by checking.. and if i clean the plug in queston it runs fine! (the motor im using is a bitsa that had a ring broken/replaced so it was a bit oily till it had a few km.

    Im currenty using the Grey COP GD coil units.

    Is that "just one of those things" or have i got a bigger issue with the ignition?

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    Dealer support on the forum has ended. I am available via phone or email and offer a paid support option. Alternately please see the announcements section of the forum where you can find a link direct to Autronic tech support.

    Best regards

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      Thanks Mr B!


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