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Evo SAS activation

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  • Evo SAS activation

    This should be an easy one,
    Is there a way to tell if the V1.99 in my Evo 6 is using the factory SAS gear, ie solenoid, air canister, air valve piping to manifold.
    From my understanding in the manual its Inj8 output.
    current settings are as follows

    mode 5 = 226.
    mode 6 =132
    mode 7 = 90
    IAC opening = 100%
    IAC cool down = 100%
    Cool Dn Min = 1200 RPM
    Cool Dn Max = 1600 RPM
    Cool Dn Thr Min = 5%
    Trig = 4500
    max coolant temp 98
    extra fuel 14.8%

    Just trying to figure out if i ditch all that weight if its not doing anything constructive

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    I am not much on studying mode flag sheets anymore, give me a call.
    He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.