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  • Help with SMC Launch Control

    Hi Guys/Gals.

    I am setting up a basic Launch Control on my plug and play SMC 1.99 in an EVO IV rally car. So I will be tricking the ECU to think engine is 127c. Was wondering on advice on a few things.

    Firstly, I really don't want to blow my motor apart. I have basically been feathering the throttle and launching like this for about 2 years at events. I just got access to my ECU (got a laptop and cable). Engine is stroker with 4g64 100mm crank. Forged pistons, rods, etc.

    What sort of revs would you recommend (don't plan to launch on Tarmac). Im a ride the clutch rather than dump sort of guy.

    What recommendations on Ignition cut/Fuel cut. Turbo is EVO IX running 9.5 exhaust housing and 21lbs boost. Current settings from tuner have Hard Ighnition Cut/Hard Fuel Cut. I am scared now upon reading damage this can do. But at the same time, think will it be any worse than what engine suffers from the anti-lag??

    Will the anti-lag affect the launch control or vice-versa?

    All comments very much appreciated.

    Cheers Mark
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