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  • Drive by wire etc

    Hello fellow autronicers.

    Who has done it?
    I´ve seen a youtube video that some easteuropeans installed DBW with autronic sm4 on a audi s4.

    In case of success... how did you guys solve it?

    This weekend i saw a tablet install, like maxxecu, and it was really simple and nice. He used the app "realdash".

    There is not much info here about updates but people are modifying in their projects so this is just in my interest and hopes that this fantastic standalone stand along the other updates and OEM ECUs with DBW and bluetooth etc.

    Regards Samuel

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    I have never understood the term "drive by wire". The wire was removed.

    Can you give me a link to the video please. Making an SM4 operate a motorized throttle body is relatively easy. Making it as fail-safe as an OEM system is likely not possible.
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    He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.


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      hehehe then call it drive by cable.


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        Would be most interested to study the wiring diagram in order to determine if there is any compromise of the SM4 sensor ground circuit integrity. It appears from the video that there is.
        He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.


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          I get a slight vague feeling that you know how to connect it for it to be right.


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            I have old SM4 cal files with DBW ,but as Chris mentioned it may compromise the sensor ground if no ground isolation amp is used.
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            Robert Jansson


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              How did the costumer solve it, whit the module from Alex?

              Which inputs outputs do i need to have available from SM4?
              Is this Ground Isolation Amplifier to prefer to this setup? Is the GIA available?

              I still have time to change the intake tube, its not welded yet. So i can change bolt pattern to a different throttlehouse.


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