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sm4 1.06 vs sm4 1.09

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  • sm4 1.06 vs sm4 1.09

    hi ,
    i want to install the map i have in my sm4 1.09 and to install it in a older sm4 1.06
    is there a easy way or i have to copy everything manually ?

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    I think you can load the software. Open your cal file in the higher version. Go to one of the menus in the software and change ecu type.

    Select the appropriate firmware.

    I believe you will lose a lot of good features such as transient fuel settings .

    Have you considered upgrading the firmware to 1.15?
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      i`m asking because i already have a sm4 with 1.09 and i purchase a used one with 1.06 i just wanted to load the cal file i have in the 1.09 into the 1.06 one as a spare unit,
      i don`t know how much would cost an upgrade , is this something i can load myself or do i need an chip replacement ?


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        To convert from a correctly calibrated 1.09 cal file to 1.06 will not be a simple change over. There will be significant changes to the accel fuel, and likely some changes to the post start multiplier, in order to accommodate the loss of enhanced transient fuel control and start fuel factor.

        Firmware upgrade is a chip change, there is also a service procedure for early version ecu's.
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