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How to activate HSI-inputs?

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  • How to activate HSI-inputs?

    Hello I have planned to connect HSI inputs to the ABS sensors on the front and rear wheels to count the teeth. Traction control for Haldex gene 1, 4wd. Do I need to pull out a sensor ground to activate the HSI signals? Thanks for answering previous questions. Not much left to allow an expert to trim the control system. Regards

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    I interpret it as a simple question.
    I will plug in an HSI input without sensor ground on the pin that is not connected to the screen of the cable to the ABS sensor.

    But is it ok to connect HSI 3 to the signal from the speed sensor on the gearbox?
    It is so clear depending on which sensor is on the gearbox.

    The transmitter on the gearbox has a pin 1 voltage, pin 2 signal, pin 3 ground.
    So I was going to put HSI 3 on pin 2. =)



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      Try it and see if you get a signal. I do the same thing with my Speedo sensor .ensure you define it in your software . There will be some software calibration required .
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