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Traction Control - SM 4 1.09

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  • Traction Control - SM 4 1.09

    Traction control for 2 wheel drive car.

    Is it possible to let the speed (ABS) sensors from both wheels on 1. axle go into an “external swift” that give out only the signal from the wheel that have highest speed. This signal goes as input to left and right wheel for 1. axle into SM 4. Then do the same for axle 2. If this is possible only HSI 1 and HSI 2 have to be used for traction control setup. (With VR sensors the signal must go through a reluctor interface before into the SM 4).
    If this is possible – do anybody know where I can buy this “external swift” ?

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    My thinking was a little wrong, but is it possible to have speed inputs only on HSI 1 and HSI 2 and have a traction Control setup when speed inpusts are different on HSI 1 and HSI 2?