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Traction Control - SM 4 1.09

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  • Traction Control - SM 4 1.09

    Traction control for 2 wheel drive car.

    Is it possible to let the speed (ABS) sensors from both wheels on 1. axle go into an “external swift” that give out only the signal from the wheel that have highest speed. This signal goes as input to left and right wheel for 1. axle into SM 4. Then do the same for axle 2. If this is possible only HSI 1 and HSI 2 have to be used for traction control setup. (With VR sensors the signal must go through a reluctor interface before into the SM 4).
    If this is possible – do anybody know where I can buy this “external swift” ?

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    My thinking was a little wrong, but is it possible to have speed inputs only on HSI 1 and HSI 2 and have a traction Control setup when speed inpusts are different on HSI 1 and HSI 2?


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      I run traction control in my mx5 turbo with SM4 v1.09. I have connected one speed sensor from the front axle to HSI1, and one speed sensor from the rear axle to HSI3 ( i could have used 2, but i was planning on using it for the other front wheel, but wantet to test using only on sensor on each axle first). I have then assigned HSI 1 to both front wheels, and HSI3 to both rear wheels. Both sensors are on the same side of the car, and this works pretty much perfectly. one note.. i do have a good clutch type locking diff (osgiken) so under full load, both my rear wheels are pretty much locked together. not really a chance of the inside tire spinning loose without the outside tire.


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        Good to know!


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          If you both want additional traction control features. Check out 1.15 firmware.

          I'm on 1.14. I upgraded from 1.09. lots of new launch functions along with traction control functions.

          Is your traction control purely reducing power via ignition timing changes ?
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