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Adding timer to control wideband

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  • Adding timer to control wideband

    I just went through my 3rd LSU 4.9
    I narrowed down the problem to condensation because it happened when I was tuning cold starts when it became cold outside, and excessive condensation probably killed the sensor, since the controller most likely starts heating up shortly after it senses running engine voltage. I am not sure I can reprogram the controller, so instead I was thinking of utilizing one of my spare SM4 outputs which would trigger a relay that would power up the wideband controller. Question is how do I set it up, and most importantly what should I inhibit? Just a timeout, or some other parameters? I am trying to figure out OEM ECU logic, it probably attributes factors like outside temperature and oil/coolant temp, since the car is not equipped with EGT sensor from the factory, but not sure. Any suggestions?

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    This document will likely be of great interest to you.Page 4 in particular.
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      good read, although I didn't find any specific info other than voltage ramp rate and voltage limit during the condensation phase - which is what I've been trying to research, how long does it last in different conditions. Does the exhaust flow blow out the water during first few minutes of engine running, or the exhaust has to heat up significantly to boil the water out