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  • Spark gone

    Car is a sierra cosworth on SM4
    last started the car i february, but now i have no spark.
    engine is equipped with 4 cop coils (vw).
    nothing has been changed to the map or the hardware during the winter.
    The coils have power and the grounds have been checked.
    no errors reported, all sensors are working as they should. Coils also have trigger signal from ecu checked with timing light and the scope function. Sync/syl is fine errors while cranking

    what am i missing??
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    Add info. Injectors are firing as they should i guess, as plugs get wet.


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      uploaded cal file and a log while cranking

      also have a scopelog file at 368kb which this webpage says is to big.....!..... so i zipped it.

      update: i have spark, plugs were fouled, but still no ignition. Any suggestions to the fuelling?
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        Bump... anyone? I have fuel and spark but no bang. Map hasnt changed by itself, and the car is the same as it was 2 months ago, only fuelpump is changed.