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sm4 base fuel multiplier evo III 2.3L standard 510cc injectors

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  • sm4 base fuel multiplier evo III 2.3L standard 510cc injectors

    Hi, can anyone show me the exact calculation for this. I seem to be missing something basic because I'm ending up with a very large multiplier value. I've selected INP019 as the injector type. Thanks.

    *Edit* Sorted. I was using total volume and not cylinder.
    Last edited by nitz; December 14th, 2017, 10:54 PM.

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    Are the original injector ballast resistors still in the wiring loom? If so, select INP020 + ballast.


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      Thanks! Yes, ballast in, but when I select INP020 + ballast it cranks longer and idles poorly compared to the INP019. It idles very lean but then stalls upon enrichment using the base fuel multiplier.


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        Turned out the wrong crank pulley timing mark was being used and base timing severely retarded which made idling extremely rough. INP020 + ballast do work fine.


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          Ah ok, the selection with ballast should have made things richer rather than leaner.


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