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SMC 1.94 spark issues

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  • SMC 1.94 spark issues

    Morning lads. I have conceded defeat with my autronic and now need to ask for help.

    I got round to putting the engine back in my ae86 yesterday, after a 12 month period where the engine got a fresehen up. The car sat isolated for that time. When powered the autronic back up, it left the expected lost CMOS ram error. After a few cycles of ignition and hitting R the error left and hasnt returned.

    My issue is. no spark at all. I marked the crank angle sensor (does both cam and crank sync off one shaft) when pulling down the motor, thinking I wasnt all there at that time Ihave since moved it to pretty much every possible location of advance and retard BTDC trying to get anything to happen. But not even a cough or a splutter.
    Although, when powering up, the pulse of the coils is evident as i forgot about the amount of unburnt fuel in the cylinders - so the backfire came. But no spark when cranking.

    Things that i have tried are. new coils, new plugs, pilled the wiring condute back around the CAS to see if anything is up. Dropped 3 separate cal files for the same car in the ecu seeing if anything will change.

    My question is. Can the lost CMOSram error from earlier have an effect even when the error is no longer current, and can the reluctor interfaces fail? The engine is more or less the same mechanically, with a slight addition to the comp ratio. other than that its how it drove before i pulled it apart.

    I have a feeling something is obvious... But i just need clarification before i pull down a wiring loom that the board might need repair....


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    CMOS ram error will cause loss of throttle endpoint and loss of ecu data logger setup.
    Please advise cranking rpm, and sync/cyl% whilst cranking. Where are you located?
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      CMOS loss error will not have an effect. Put the engine at TDC # 1 on compression and check the position of the single pulse relative to its sensor and report back where it is. That is, approaching sensor, leaving sensor, nowhere near sensor, etc.
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        Anything can fail, the reluctor interfaces have proven reliability.
        He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.


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          I'll report back tonight after another fiddle.
          In perth btw.


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            Well I need to give myself an uppercut.

            For the sake of it. I put the old coils on. And it started right away.

            Then it it dawned on me. The dwell board was set for the old set of coils (unknown origin, I'm leaning towards Chinese) so I bought a set of denso's for a little bit of reliability.

            They must be different internally.
            So next question. Do I send the board and a coil back again?
            Yes I will be buying spares of these coils!
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