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different 1.09 chip versions.

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  • different 1.09 chip versions.


    Looking at the webshop here, there are 4 different 1.09 chip types.
    What`S the difference between them?

    Reason for asking is that i recently changed my old 1.09 chip for another one. and for some reason fueling have changed.
    I know it sounds weird, but it seems like injector calibration have changed when i changed the chip.
    with last chip i had to use really high numbers a low loads ( witch suggests wrong inj calibration even if the injector part number was correct. )
    But after i changed the chip, i have to change it to a much "flatter" fuel table. ( full power tuning is as it was, but low load changed as much as 3.0 AFR.)

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    Some info - found here on the forum -

    Originally posted by MRMRacing View Post
    For SM4/SM3 v1.09 CPU's the version differences are;

    V1.09-4, AFR minimum value lowered to 5,

    V1.09-4x, Very high speed pattern for ring-gear crank triggers (some Audi &

    V1.09-5, Stepper minimum volts fix, Data-stream Driven Speed fix, Tacho
    pulse for dual channel knock boards, improved error decoding, Dual cal ECU
    capability (ECU must also have correct memory & other components),

    V1.09-6, Limp home MAP Boost control fix, Fix for 2-stroke mode in v1.09-4x
    & v1.09-5, Improved RPM rate calculation.

    For v1.11 CPU's the differences from v1.09-6 are;
    Continental flex fuel sensor capability (on I/P HSI2), MAP divide-by-2
    filter for engines using double Cyl events, improved Telemetry.

    Originally posted by Ian View Post
    v1.09-4 has increased AFR logging and data stream range.
    V1.09-4x has support for Audi engines with 3 sensors (135/136 ring gear teeth, 1 flywheel tooth, 1 cam sensor).


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