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Tuning accelerator pump settings on SM4 PnP

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  • Tuning accelerator pump settings on SM4 PnP

    I have an SM4 PnP ECU for Subaru MY 01-05. It is set up using the on-board manifold pressure sensor.

    I bought the ECU second hand and it had been previously tuned on a different engine. I had a tuner set it up on my engine, but suspect that he didn't start from scratch in setting it up on my engine as I have come across a few settings that needed updating to get it running well (idle ignition timing and cold start settings for example). The original tuning was probabaly for petrol and the car has been re-tuned for E85.

    One area I noticed recently where the settings are a long way from the default recommendations are the accelerator pump settings. The default settings are FAR richer and cause the car to stumble.

    I have attached an image of the settings as tuned and have also uploaded the CAL file in an earlier post:
    Cal file:

    As usual, you can cause yourself no end of confusion if you don't fully understand what the software is doing. As per the manual, accelerator pump settings that are a long way off can potentially interfere with tuning the base map.

    Is a good description of the three accelerator pump tables available somewhere? I have downloaded both the SM4 manual and the Subaru PnP manual and there is limited guidance in these documents.

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    setting enrichments/enleanments is something I would love to learn about as well


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      Trans comp mode is also in this menu, another way that the SM4 can dynamically compensate fuel mix. More here:

      Another reason why I want to properly understand what each setting does before trying stuff at random.


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