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Won't start for the first time, SM2 on 1UZ V8

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  • Won't start for the first time, SM2 on 1UZ V8

    I am having trouble getting my 1UZ V8 started for the first time. It sounds like it's firing a single cylinder during cranking, even though I'm getting spark at all 8 plugs, and injector pulse. Rail pressure at 45psi. Ign timing while cranking is about 6* BTDC1 with a timing light. Everything looks good to me. I suspect something may be wrong with my base settings.

    -SM2 V1.43

    -OEM mag sensors for cam and crank. Crank wheel is modified to 4 tooth and re-clocked. Cam pulley tooth is re-clocked. Reluctor interface 1.

    -Bosch 137 ign modules firing four GM coil packs.

    -Denso 23209-42010 440cc top feed, 2.8ohm injectors from 7M-GTE Supra. I can't find the cal for this injector, so I'm using the one for 23250-74090. I found in this thread, that somebody else made it work on this setting.

    I don't know what is wrong. Please help...Thank you.
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    May I ask where you are located?Please advise the serial number of your SM2.
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      Outside Chicago, IL.


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        What order are the ignition outputs connected?


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          OP1 fires Coil1 Cyl8/5
          OP2 fires Coil2 Cyl4/7
          OP3 fires Coil3 Cyl3/2
          OP4 fires Coil4 Cyl1/6

          It fires OP4 first, right? For 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2

          This is confirmed with a timing light, at least for 1 & 8 cyl.
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            What is the adjustment screw for on the outside of the ECU? Idle mixture?
            The manual makes no mention of it.


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              From the - "Autronic SM2 Manual (ver 1.7)"

              Idle Mixture Control range Calibration

              The idle mixture trim screwdriver adjustment can be configured to operate over any defined engine speed and load range with up to +/- 25% of adjustment range. This allows the control to suit road and race tuned engines and also allows the action of the control to be inhibited if government authority regulations exclude any idle mixture adjustment. Calibration may be selected at up to 2 engine speed sites and 2 engine load sites with an adjustment range of 0 to +/- 25% in 0.1% increments.

              & from the "Autronic SM2 - Specifications Page"

              1. Overall / Idle mixture adjustor. (Configurable, internal to ECU and screwdriver adjustable from outside)And
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                Turns out that we missed a critical step in modding the injector clips to fit these injectors, and the terminals inside connected to nothing.

                Thanks anyway I guess. Lol.


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