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Cause of sudden low load richness.

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  • Cause of sudden low load richness.

    Hi All - I notice a problem this morning with low load sites suddenly becoming way out of whack - later on looking at my logs its pretty much the whole lot below load 80 - I' actually seeing 10s at low load and low rpm?

    Also I did note that fuel cutoff has become somewhat erratic - at zero throttle - sometimes I'm still seeing AFRs in the 16's with zero throttle on overrun.

    Also idle is now misbehaving - upon throttle closure I see a second or two at 200 rpm before it shuts down to around 100 rpm....

    Any ideas as to what might make pretty much all my load sites very rich?

    All other things being unchanged I'm suspicious of an injector issue - but I'd welcome any other suggestions.


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    What are the approximate pulse times at those loads?
    Is the fuel pressure regulator hose to the manifold connected?


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      HI Ian,

      Single point examples from the log:

      1.6ms @ rpm 2000 / load 50 - AFR 10.81 (target 14.7)
      1.15 ms @ rpm 2500 / load 40 - AFR 10.55 (target 14.7)
      1.5 ms @ rpm 300 / load 50 - AFR 11 (target 14.7)

      Yes FPR is connected to the manifold as is should be - Fuel pressure for this cell was 2.25 bar on the log.

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        Is the MAP sensor hose still connected?
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          Hi Chris - yes its connected - logs are showing good readings for MAP and LOAD - and the base fuel table cell 'selection' appears to be in the area I'd exepect for various loads/rpms.


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            ...Ruled out leaking injector / injector orings etc this afternoon also - fuel system all looks good - I guess a 'bad' injector is still a possibility but its looking less likely now...


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              A little more info - at idle I can only get the AFRs up to around the very low 12s - this by lowering the fuelling from 56 (which used to give me mid 14s AFR) to 22. If I reduce any further the AFRs swing wildly over to super lean (like 18s+ AFR)

              I think at this point I have to assume its injector related - most likely a slow closing injector or one that isn't consistently closing (though a quick and dirty test did not show up any closing issues).
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