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  • ID 1300 injectors

    A request from the main office.

    Has anyone fitted ID1300 injectors, used one of the ID1300 injector selections, and noted any non-linearity in the light load region of the fuel table?

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    I have the ID1300 fitted on a Lotus race car with a 1.8T. I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary with them, but that car doesn't spend much time at light load. I should be doing some testing at the track next week, what specifically are you looking for? Mixture fluctuations on light load? I could spend 10 minutes if there something specific you want checked. For reference it runs on VP Racing Q16 leaded race fuel.

    Settings are: Injector dynamics ID1300 300kpa. Option 2 can't be changed and is set to High/Saturated


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      Thanks for that. Would you be able to note the no-Load injector times at operating temperatures (probably between 1500 - 3000 rpm free revving) and report if the Base Fuel Delivery table numbers at those load/rpm sites are similar to the heavier load sites?


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        No problem at all. Plans have changed a bit and the car won't be on track until next month, but I should still be able to get that done this weekend on the short private road by where the car is stored.


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          I have ID1300's fitted to my Subaru EJ. Interestingly the tuner had set the injector selection to ID1000. I will get the car to the dynanometer in the next couple of months to try the ID1300 settings and verify the tune.


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            What do you mean by non-linearity? Are you referring to quite different values in adjacent cells in the fuel map? If so, how different (say as a percentage)?

            I did a bit of road auto-tuning and got this set of light load values:
            autotune results.JPG

            Unfortunately the accelerator pump settings were way too aggressive and have probably interfered, so I'll have another go, preferably on the dyno.

            If the cause of this 'scatter' isn't accellerator pump settings or user error, is this the non-linearity you refer to?


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