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Lazy boost after board swap

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  • Lazy boost after board swap

    Recently I swapped my SM4 1.09 plugin for another identical board because mine has hardware issues (huge thanks to Ian for helping me diagnose it!)

    I noticed boost issues, where boost would build very slow, and would not hit target even with boost offset compensations - and the according the the logger the valve doesn't seem to increase the duty to try and hit target boost...
    I thought I had a leak, or my turbo was dying - checked to confirm there are no leaks, and connected manual boost controller instead - that did the trick! instant boost, and hits any target I set

    so either the MAC valve is faulty (for no reason, as I didn't touch it) or there is something odd with the new board... I don't have another MAC valve handy, so before I go buy another one, is there anything I can inspect?

    the only other thing I did, was removing the purge solenoid (EVAP) from the car, and deleted it from the cal
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    Put the purge valve back and see if the issue is resolved. Then trace the problem. The main problem
    is usually between the steering wheel and driver's seat however.
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      no Chris, the problem is not between the steering wheel and driver's seat
      I am not getting any ground out of pin D24 with either engine on or off, and this is what's causing the problem
      seems I have another faulty ECU, great...
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        Your cal doesn't seem to have anything on Output 6 (pin 16 of the same connector). Do you want to swap the pins and change the assignment in the cal.


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          That's almost what I ended up doing - I broke my pin extraction tool, so I had to throw a wire from the purge valve connector is to the boost valve connector, and assigned Output 6 (pin 16) for now - happy boosting is back!

          I checked the manual, and it doesn't seem D24 is jumper dependent, so I assume there is a hardware issue? Could you tell me what I should trace/diagnose with a multi meter? I guess it would be cheaper to fix both boards at once


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            I believe those outputs are pretty robust so that is an unusual failure. I will check if there is a test procedure for that output. In the normal installation for that ECU do you know if the output is connected to anything?


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              It was being used on a normally aspirated car with 2002 AVCS wiring harness, so I don't think so, but I will try to find out


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                confirming, D24 was not used in the car it was installed in
                before that, the board was used on our old drag car 5 years ago, didn't have any problems with boost back then, and has been laying on the shelf ever since


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