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Fuel Multi set incorrectly

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  • Fuel Multi set incorrectly

    ...Just realised a mistake I've made - as fundimental one - I'v set my fuel multiplier to 5.5 (740cc injectors on a 4 cyl 2.0 litre) BUT I should have uses 6 (740cc injectors on a ***2.2*** litre 4 cyl) - I'm assuming I should correct to 6 and rework my base fuel map to suit - however what will be the implications of doing this -By the look of it it will lean out the entire table (as 6 multi is roughly 2.2 litre 4 cyl with 670cc injectors)?

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    If you want to maintain the same overall fuel calculation when changing the Multiplier you can multiply the Base Fuel Table by the inverse of what you did to the multiplier.

    If you change the Multiplier from 5.5 to 6 go to the Base Fuel Delivery table then go to menu Edit-Window, then Maths - Table Multiplier and input 0.917 (which is (5.5) / 6 ) and press Enter.

    Increasing the Overall Fuel Multiplier will cause richer mixtures if the Base Fuel Delivery table is not modified.


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      Thanks Ian!


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