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Odd leaning out condition

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  • Odd leaning out condition

    I have been troubleshooting this issue lately with no success, I was under impression my stock FPR is dying due to increased fuel flow and tonight I installed Aeromotive FPR, set base pressure to 300 kpa and did more testing

    Basically as the car idles, it would go LEAN all of a sudden with no drop in fuel pressure and IAC adapt rate rises trying to "catch" idle
    I also noticed something strange... I have the pressure gauge installed in my Aeromotive FPR, and I have digikey FP sensor installed BEFORE the rails in the feed line (best location for non-modified fuel rails and stock FPR) - I noticed my digikey FP sensor reads 0.3 bar higher than the gauge on the FPR... perhaps I have wrong calibration for the sensor in my cal? The digikey sensor PN is 734-1087-ND

    Given no drop in FR, I assume my pump is working fine, I already changed FPR, don't know where else to look, please advise

    also we need to do something about upload size of the files, because I can't attach even a tiny log unless I compress it (I put both cal and log in archive)
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    That is odd, I can't see anything obvious. The User IAC cal probably isn't correct but that won't be causing the AFR change. What AFR sensor and controller is fitted? next time you do a log can you include IAC Command and IAC position.


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      I did not modify IAC settings from last year, and I never had this issue before - the only two things added from last season are:
      1. swirl pot with external pump and fresh filter, seem to be working fine given no swing in FP
      2. Aquamist system, which is curently turned off - and it wouldn't be able to suck wateter through the aquamist valve anyway

      I also ditched LC-1 controller in favor of Techedge 2C0B unit, with Bosch 4.9 sensor, link pulled to provide isolated ground

      I also checked all my injector connections (injector dynamics provide adapters that are not even soldered, so I had to work on them to make sure they have solid connection)

      will do a log within an hour and post it


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        did a big log
        car actually dies at one point

        it seems are if these events are almost evenly timed, don't know what to make out of it

        I also remembered I had my fuel tank replaced, and some of the tank vent connections are in wrong places, for experiment sake I zeroed out purge valve values, but it didn't help

        also closer to the end of the log I increased base fuel pressure slightly on the FPR, because for some reason it was lower than last night

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          Ian, could it be that my idle valve is malfunctioning?
          These conditions could be happening if for some reason it would be opening more by itself letting more air in, causing the adapt rate to climb up right?


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            two more observations I made today

            1. the IAC valve position seem to rise with as the leaning occurs
            2. when this is happening ECU highlights fuel pressure in red, as if there is an error, yet the actual FP remains constant

            attached the log where this is visible

            any ideas?
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              today I tried few more things and I finally figured out the issue, can't say I am very happy about it

              first I swapped IAC valve from a 100% working car - didn't help
              then I disconnected my external fuel pump, bypassed the swirl pot and run on the intank pump only - didn't help
              then I swapped the ECU - solved the issue...

              I borrowed my friend's SM4 plugin (the one I have a separate thread about hitting "invisible rev limiter"), moved the jumpers to my spots, put it in the car and the issue disappeared
              right away I pulled it out and installed back my ECU - problem occurred again

              so I ended up moving the knock board form my ECU to my friend's one and left it in the car, so that I can drive it... waiting for further instructions on how to fix/diagnose my ECU now


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