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SM4 CDI Pwr Switch O/P

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  • SM4 CDI Pwr Switch O/P

    Could anyone please help to shed some light on the issue I am having with the setup of my output?

    We have setup GPC 3 (O/P 8) to control the high/low power sel switch from my CDI 500R.

    The issue I am having is that with a multimeter attached to the ecu o/p wire, it is only supplying a constant battery voltage and is not switching to ground in order to activate the high power side of the CDI.

    I have attached the cal file below if someone could please take a moment to have a look, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Try this, should activate @ 105kpa
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    He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.


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      Well we are one step closer now.

      You are correct in that it does activate at the 105kpa which you set it at.

      The issue now is that it will only deactivate if you change the inhibit output value back down to 0% then go above the 105kpa again. And vice versa.


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        Try this version.

        I have also fixed a few other things in the cal. How hot does the idle motor get? The stepper settings don't look normal.
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          I will give that one a go next weekend and let you know.

          I can't say that I have ever really taken much notice as to how hot the idle motor gets.

          Although getting a good consistent idle is something that has always been a bit of an issue with this ute. Is there anything in particular you suggest I should look into Ian?

          Thanks for your assistance with this too Ian and Chris. Much appreciated.


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            Well we finally have a winner, that output setup worked like a treat. Thank you Ian!

            As for the idle motor, it appears your suspicions are correct. It gets quite hot, rather quickly!

            That is something I had never noticed as that stepper setup hasn't altered much since the original tuner had done it. But as mentioned, it has always been problematic on getting a good consistent idle.

            In saying that, do you have any suggestions on what particular parts we should be looking into? Or if you have a spare moment, are you able to have a quick look into it from your end please Ian?


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              Try this. If it revs up after start let me know
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              He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.


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                Appears something has upset the apple cart in that cal file Chris.

                It is causing power feedback through the ignition, which takes approx 20seconds to drop off after the ignition has been turned off. Then once the ignition is turned back on, the tps position is set to 3% which continues to re-appear even after being reset.

                The problem is rectified when the original cal file is loaded back in.


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