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2 point richer AFR when Aircon Switches on....WHY!!!

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  • 2 point richer AFR when Aircon Switches on....WHY!!!

    hi there been pulling my hair out to get idle stable on my EVO9.

    Why when we switch the aircon on my afr go richer by nearly 2 points???

    Even if i drop idling to 13 AFR it wil still give more fuel as aircon starts.
    with aircon on and off we hit same load zones so this has got me confused..


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    Please post your cal file for better analysis of your issue.
    I promise that's what the experts will say.


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      It will be injector compensation related. What injectors are fitted, what injector compensation is selected and are the factory injector ballast resistors still fitted?


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        Thanks for the reply guys

        Injectors are FIC Bluemax 1650cc and i have removed the injector Ballast.
        Ian i had a look into Fuel trims and under aux fuel trims and everything is set to one, so does not look like it there.

        I will drop the cal file here later.

        again thanks for the replys and help


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          I think Ian meant the built in injector compensation for voltage drop, this is what injector in the selection you have chosen.
          You may try other similar or have the injector tested.

          If it works on other loads you may build a compensation table active at low rpm and has battery on one axis, thus this is not the first choice to do, but gives a hint what they can be used for.
          Robert Jansson


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            I have been looking at other tuning forums about these injectors and there doesn't seem to be any definitive information about the response times (opening and closing) vs voltage and also the Opening and Hold currents vs fuel pressure.

            If you can get this information from the manufacturer / supplier we can generate most of the injector compensation without testing an injector. The other parameter can be determined on the engine.


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              Thanks for the all the help and info
              The only info i have got for these injectors is the page supplied with them.

              I have had no luck with FIC getting back to me as well..

              again thanks for all the help and info..


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                When you post your cal, also post a log of it happening and include battery voltage.


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                  I have not pulled a log but here is the cal file.
                  these injectors have been driving me mad they lean as you rev the car and also it is idling but not very smooth..
                  Attached Files


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                    So sounds like the AC AFR issue is not your only issue.


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                      First thing I see...
                      Your injectors are 1650cc/min(157lb/hr) but your cal is setup for Rochester 72lb/hrs(760cc/min).
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                        Hey guys,

                        been helping Johnny set up his car, but I am a virgin to Autronic ( but not tuning cars)

                        I was hoping to input the latency and flow into the user defined option, but the options (user define A etc) dont seem to be very descriptive. what data are these menu's requesting?

                        Battery Voltage is very constant at 14.1-14.4v all the time



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                          yip but i have no other injector that works.

                          i choose these as it got the car running ok, now see the prob i am having setting this up.
                          On stock evo ECU we could change latencies .. cant do it here..

                          Thanks for the help Mike..


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                            I was looking at the same thing...

                            It says...
                            You may need to send a injector to the autronic factory.
                            Autronic will send back the A, B, C, D , and E and current settings.


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                              kinda lame but if that is what is required ... so be it..

                              ian said something about calculating the the settings from the latencys..

                              thanks again


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