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Slow download of log file from ECU

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  • Slow download of log file from ECU

    I have a PnP SM4 for MY03-05 running v1.09. I am using v028r software on both Windows 7 and 10 laptops with a USB to serial converter.

    I don’t have a problem connecting, but it can take 2 hours to download the stored log from the ECU memory. The file is only 512 kB so the transfer rate must be 71 Bytes/sec!

    I also have a problem uploading the changed cal file to the ECU – it uploads OK but then gets stuck at the uploading bar chart graphic and I have no choice except to disconnect.

    Windows 10 seems to ignore the settings for the serial port via device manager?

    Do others have these problems? Is there a fix? Is it likely to be caused by my particular USB to serial Convertor or cable wiring?

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    Wow, that is a long time. Can you show the settings in Device Manager - Properties - Port Settings - Advanced button when the adaptor is connected to your laptop / PC?


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      Is this what you are after?


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        That is it. Change the Receive and Transmit Bytes values to 64 and the latency value to 1 msec.


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          About 17 secs to download log file and the problem uploading to the ECU seems to have gone too.

          Thank you very much. Many apologies if your answer was already somewhere else on the site.


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            Perhaps include the USB-Serial converter brand/part number for future searches?
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              I have a 'Digitus' USB to Serial Converter that was shipped with with 'FC Datalogit' Power FC tuning software. I think they had so much trouble with customers complaining about communications problems they decided to ship an adapter that they know will work.

              It uses the FTDI chipset and is using the generic windows driver:
              Digitus USB to Serial convertor driver details.JPG

              Here is the webpage:

              Here are some images:
              Digitus USB to Serial Covertor.jpg
              Digitus Packet.jpg


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                Another request. Please download and install the latest software. This will ease our support burden. Thanks for the update on the USB adapter.
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                He gets his lap dogs to do his talking for him. Buzzard is a good example.


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                  Thank you. I wasn't even aware there was a later version, but found it on the Autronic website after your prompt. After I installed it I discovered that it comes with some base maps which will be helpful in understanding where the settings in the current tune in my car vary from 'base'.


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