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Autronic Running under DosBox in Android

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  • Autronic Running under DosBox in Android

    I've read that there is an Android version of DosBox. What I would like to do is be able to use my Android tabled to tune.

    I already tune with Autronic running in Wine on Linux, but I don't know if DosBox would work. I imagine the serial port would be the difficult part. What has been mentioned in other threads would to go bluetooth. That would be really nice.

    Or the other alternative is to convince Autronic to open source the software. This market is getting fragmented, and I think the only way for them to keep up is to let everyone else port the software. Keep charging the same amount of money for the hardware, why wouldn't they want to do this? It would be cheaper for them.

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    I haven't heard anything about dosbox, but I'll look into it to see what I can do on mine. Also, what version of linux and what wine and autronic software are you using? Do you use a usb to rs232 converter or straight to a serial port? I run linux also, but I use windows to tune. My autronic software is a little buggy running in wine, so I only use it to modify the map when it isn't connected to the car.
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      Tuning with autotune is a realtime application with demands on both low delay on the serial port and also to a degree reliable realtime number crunching performance of the CPU. Autotune use the PC for numeric processing.

      Regarding the serial port: A pure serial port has very low data latency. A USB-serial port has a bigger latency due to the the USB interface being packet oriented.
      Other "realtime" applications on a PC, like a chip programmer see derated performance when operating over USB instead of either of centronics parallel port or serial port. I am glad the autotune function works well with the USB-serial port. Running a serial port on an emulated PC adds even more delay to interaction with the serial port. It works with things like USB wireless modems because the internet is also packet oriented. But running a realtime application connecting a serial port from an emulated PC is not a very good idea.

      Running the autotune software on a fully emulated WIN/X86/PC on an ARM/Android host is a very bad idea. The realtime performance on Windows is bad enough as it is. The realtime performance on Android is even worse. An emulated X86 on an ARM processor makes realtime applications almost impossible. The combination effect of these issues is catastrofic to realtime performance.

      What would be a very good idea is to have the Autronic software natively cross ported to Linux/X86, since Linux/X86 has very good realtime performance. Running Autotune on a Linux X86_64 system would enhance both realtime performance and number crunching performance.

      To make an Autronic software for ARM running on a pad/phone i think would be purely for doing small changes or for monitoring/logging. Not for autotune. And in that case the effort for porting and maintaining that branch of the Autronic software would be costly.

      Open source Autronic calibration software would be detrimental. I am for open source. But even if we forget about capabilities of the Autronic software leaking out to competitors, the main issue will be integrity of the calibration and safety. Who is to blame if i happen to tune an engine with a "cooked" version of the Autotune software that damages the engine because of a bug in this special version software made from open source?

      Because of the current state of the Windows platform, i think it is best to start cross compile the Autronic software to native x86 32/64-bit Linux. The idea of running Autotune on Windows8 frightens me. I prefer XP or Win2000 to have some stability on the platform.

      But if i could run the Autronic software, native and fully supported, on a LiveUSB Linux install i would be a very happy tuner. Best performance, and nothing to interfere with the calibration software.
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        Wroom, You are saying Windows 8 is bad to run autotune on, and Ubuntu would also be bad with it running in Wine. My new laptop I bought has Windows 8 and I have set it up as a dual boot with Ubuntu. So comparing Windows 8 to Ubuntu 13.10 running Autronic software, which do you think would be the better choice since both are not good options?

        I do have access to a friends laptop that is an early 2000s dell with a serial port, but I'm concerned about the speed of it regarding the number crunching you mentioned.
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          Originally posted by match220 View Post
          Wroom, You are saying Windows 8 is bad to run autotune on, and Ubuntu would also be bad with it running in Wine...
          No. I said that the idea of running autotune on windows8 frightens me.
          The autronic software is built for running on a windows platform.
          But there are lots happening in the background on Windows. It has gotten worse for every version windows coming since Vista Win7...

          Bad enough as it is on WinXP. But WinXP (or WinCE) can be set up half stable at least if the PC is dedicated to tuning and not containing loads of other software.

          Running the Autronic software on Ubuntu is not officially supported. Besides from that i think it should run pretty well on Ubuntu/Wine. But if something misbehaves, and i ruin an engine by running the Autronic software on an unsupported platform - Who is to blame?

          Running Autotune on a 700 MHz pentium singlecore works well.
          Running it on a 1600 MHz dual core seems a bit faster. But i have no idea of how much number crunching Autotune can utilize.

          Maybe i should try running autotune on one of my SUN 4600 octal opteron bladeservers and see if it tunes faster? Will need a 1.5 KW 4 phase inverter supply...
          Johan Jansson, +46-708-280832


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