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How do i set up a timer for a pump

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  • How do i set up a timer for a pump

    In this example I show how you can setup a timer that controls an evacuation pump requested by one user.

    This pump start when the engine starts and runs for 30 sec every 300 sec (5 minutes). It is set to inj 8.

    When the engine is at 5000 rpm the interval is 120 sec.

    GPC 8 controls the Interval and the GPC 9 controls duration of pump run.

    It can be used as waterspray where you can add input switch and more.

    Robert Jansson

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    I'm looking at setting up a timed event shutdowns for a fuel pump.

    On when map and tps is achieved (high tps and on boost)

    Off also when an rpm and tps is achieved (Idle / off boost)

    But i want the off to be timed. So if I am not done boosting , the pump doesn't turn off straight away. To ensure fuel pressure is maintained.

    Looking at your screenshots, how does gpc 8 and 9 interact ? I can't see the relationship .
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