Porsche 911 SC 3,2 L naturally aspirated with TWR throttle bodies, and high duration crane cams.

An Autronic SMC 1.92 controls the engine using throttle/map to achieve good compensation for the variations in air pressure due to the large rear spoiler.

The car was earier set up with a Haltech F3 and standard single coil CDI, but it proved totally impossible to get the engine to even run fair above 4800 rpm with that setup due to the inaccuracy of the Haltech F3.

An Autronic 500R drives six MSD Blaster DIS racing coils, two by two, providing more than enough spark punch.

These engines are sensitive to the strength of the ignition, and often two spark plugs per cylinder is needed for good performance above 4500 rpm.

Engine runs on standard premium gas.

The car pass swedish MOT with perfect emission levels.
The car has excellent driveability from 500 rpm up to revlimit. Just flip the throttle and it goes.
Although the car has no idle air valve, it starts and run well even during the swedish winter.

Engine temp sensor is placed in the oil breather lid.
Intake air temp sensor is placed in right bank air filter.
Two Honeywell HALL sensors are mounted in a rebuilt distributor for engine timing.
The PWM output provides a shift light.

Here's a picture showing the installation on the firewall in the engine bay:

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