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Honda B16 hybrid cal file issues

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  • Honda B16 hybrid cal file issues

    Hi guys, need some help on the cal file for the b16. Since there are no base cal files for this car, i wanted to start from scratch. I have a sm4 v1.08 that was taken out from a subaru. I have already gutted out my distributor, only leaving the 3 magnetic sensors, mainly a 1-tooth, 4-teeth and a 24-teeth. I read that i probably need to use only one sensor for the ecu to get the timing for injection and ignition. That i will probably be able to figure out but there are so many errors, probably because not everything is hooked up yet. Here are some things i found confusing:
    1: base ignition tables/injection tables all show "xxxx" instead of rpm values, and im unable to change that. Is there a menu where i can change this? Clicking on it only changes the value below the rpm row.
    2: since im using the stock temperature sensors, i will have to make the table myself. Will the live monitoring page show me the values to key into the table?

    i have yet to go through the rest such as vtec setup, and setting it up to switch on the vtec and using a separate ignition/injection during vtec, that im planning to go after i get the engine to idle. Also im using k20a cop, where some sites say that they are smart ignitors, some say they are dumb ignitors. I think i should set them up as smart ignitors, so they wont fry up if they are not smart? Please correct me.

    For now, the plan is still use the original ecu to control the aircon, fans and other misc stuff. The sm4 is to handle the fuelling, ignition and vtec.

    thanks in advance.

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