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Evo 9 v1.07 to v1.12 cal file change and flexfuel

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  • Evo 9 v1.07 to v1.12 cal file change and flexfuel

    I am going to upgrade my evo 9 chip soon from v1.07 to v1.12 to enable direct input of a flex fuel sensor.
    Can i please request someone convert my cal file to v1.12 with the recommended settings?

    Also I just want to understand what is involved as i was thinking of driving to my nearest dealer (cnjmotorsport) pulling out my ecu and having them install the chip and then loading in the new v1.12 cal file and driving home. But from what i understand there may be a little rewiring involved if i am enabling the flexfuel sensor right away. Potentially i can just do this bit at a later date.

    I gather that the flexfuel can only be setup on HSI 2 which is currently in use for my intake cam control (cam 2). In the help file it says to use HSI 1 (currently disabled) for cam measurement and and move pin 53 to 61. From a EVO 9 pinout i confirmed that pin 53 is the intake cam wire and pin 61 is the MAF signal which is not in use. So far makes sense. However when i try to select cam 2 from HSI 1 menu i can only select cam 1. So i gather then that my vcam degree settings/error detect need to now be set for cam1 as they were for cam2 as well as all the GPC1 settings to reference cam 1 rather than cam 2? Is that all that is involved?

    Also out of curiosity is there any later versions than v1.12 coming out anytime soon?

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    Nevermind, I've got the chip installed and figured it out.

    Note for anyone doing this, when you change from 1.07 to 1.12 there are some new parameters to configure for cam control under GPC Tune. These are GPC Setpoint min and max. By default when you convert firmware they are set to 0, the software doesn't flag these to you like it does with everything else in red text and stars and cam control will not work unless these are setup.

    I should also mention i found that the evo9 1.09 basecal start fuel factors were way too rich for my car and it would stutter starting up. I lowered them to approximately 1.5x the P-S enrichment mul values as recommended in the conversion checklist post. For me this is 3.0@0*C 2.4@20*C 2.0@30*C 1.84@40*C 1.67@50*C and 1.5@60*C and the car starts up instantly in both very cold starts and hot starts, i've noticed a huge improvement, very impressed.
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      So did you need someone to "Convert" the file for you ? Or you just loaded the 1.07 Cal file onto 1.12 HW and ECU Cal SW fixed everything for you ?
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        No, you need to change the firmware type, this is done under fileCal>Change ECU type and then fix all the errors it highlights. The I/P Cyl and Sync was the stuff i was most worried about getting right but there were also a bunch of other changes due to the new transient and start fuel formulas that were introduced in 1.09.
        I was expecting to have to do all this myself so i converted it following the information i could find here on the forums and saved a v1.12 cal file to load in when i got my ecu back, but the dealer i went to kindly converted my file for me.
        The only thing that was missed was to switch the gear speed setup to HSI 3 rather than sync freq, this meant that the ecu didn't know how fast i was going and any time i went over 4500rpm my launch control kicked in. This was easily fixed though. Oh an the other thing missed was the GPC Setpoint min and max values which I described above, just meant my cam control wasn't working but again easily fixed once i figured out what was wrong.


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          Thanks for sharing .
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