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E85 Cal file for SM4 Subaru PnP

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  • E85 Cal file for SM4 Subaru PnP

    I observe that cold start settings for E85 would appear to be way different than petrol, and it doesn't seem to be simply a case of simply multiplying everything by 1.5. If anyone has achieved good cold start behaviour with E85 on an EJ Subaru motor it'd be very interested to see the cal file. Mine happens to be an EJ25 with ID1300 injectors, but I doubt anyone will have a cal file for exactly this setup.

    I'd also be curious to know whether you are getting good results with transient compensation turned on. I'm still not getting close to target AFR's and am tempted to turn it back off and focus on tuning without it, as I presume it interferes whilst tuning.

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    where do you live that you have access to the corn fuel?


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      Melbourne, Australia. One of our pump gas suppliers, United Petroleum, manufactures E85 from Sorghum in Queensland:

      I can't be certain about how much the ratio changes from summer to winter. No doubt I should be using canned race fuel for track days.


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