i will be installing an sm4 v1.12 into my lexus as a parrallel install, the stock ecu will be running the multiplex/gauges/dbw throttle and vvti for now, the SM4 will be running the fuelling, ign, boost control, flex fuel, staged fuel pumps,vvti when i change cams and traction control. it will be sharing tps and coolant temp if theres a way to turn off the pull up resistor, as well as sharing crank and cam triggers, it will be running its own iat sensor.
a base cal that would get me close to start would be perfect, or at the very least a cal with the vvti triggers set up.
mods as follows
9.5:1 forged 2jzge vvti, stock cams for now, gtx4202, ext gate, e85, delphi 1400s, R35 cop kit.
any guidance would be much appreciated.
iam familiar with autronic but my experience was with pnp models which are already configured for the specific engine.