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Volvo 960 1996 2,5 L 6-cyl

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  • Volvo 960 1996 2,5 L 6-cyl

    Stock engine with alot of advanced GPC functions to control every stock items.
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    Robert Jansson

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    Here is a explanation of my GPC settings since they are hard to fellow and do useful functions.

    GPC 1, Is a idle up table when engine is cold. The engine will idle at 1400 rpm until throttle is pressed or engine is above 31 degrees. Useful on winter so you can scrape the ice from windows while engine gets warm, but as soon as you press throttle idle is normal from IAC W-U Fast idle. Use GPC 11 as variable for sensing throttle movement.

    GPC 2, Sends out 100% duty when Fan shall run in high speed due to high pressure in condenser AND AC is on. (Here above 75%, will be on until pressure is below 65. %).

    GPC 3, Starts Fan in high speed if GPC 2 is 100 % or temp in Fan 2 is above set point. GPC 3 output is Stepper 4 that drives Fan 2 relay GPC 3 has GPC 2 as setpoint

    GPC 4, Is a variable that is 100 % during start under 740 rpm I use this variable in GPC 12 for a fixed IAC opening during start at different temperatures.

    GPC 5, Is the table that “Mixes or selects” the values from IAC settings or GPC 12 that is for a fixed IAC opening during start at different temperatures. If GPC 12 is zero the output from GPC 5 is same as the output from IAC settings. If GPC 12 has values above 0.4 % it outputs the GPC 12 values to the Bosch valve. GPC 5 drives the Bosch 3-wire.

    GPC 6, Shuts of the AC if condenser pressure is above 93 % or Intake temp is below 10 degrees . Will restart AC when pressure is below 71 %

    GPC 7, When starting engine the AC will be inhibited 24 sec before allowed to restart. Is for not messing with IAC during start

    GPC 8, Is a function to start a PAIR pump, starts after 12 sec if temperature is above -11 or below 36 degrees, it will trigger a timer 1 that will run the Pair pump for 70 Sec on Output 7.

    GPC 11, is the variable for first throttle press used in GPC 1, GPC 11 is 100% until first throttle press.

    GPC12, Is the IAC opening during start (<740 RPM), uses variable GPC 4 for sensing startup. Is used to get a controlled opening of the IAC during starts at different temperatures. The Valve is closed at 0 rpm and increased during crank to set opening at different temperatures.

    GPC13, just the purge valve that is inhibited at cold engine and low rpm.
    Robert Jansson


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      Hello Robert,

      Just want to see various GPC setting but the explanation seem does not match with cal file


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        Yeas I has had several different Cal&#180;s will see if I find this one.
        Robert Jansson


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