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USDM Subaru STI 04-06 cal for non PnP SM4 (1.11)

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  • USDM Subaru STI 04-06 cal for non PnP SM4 (1.11)

    Standard 36-2-2-2 crank and dual Hall cams (LH to sync, RH to HSI1)
    No idle or emission control
    Autronic CDI wired 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 4-4 (firing order 1-3-2-4)
    ID2000 injectors also wired 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4
    Autronic MAP/temp
    AVCS (variable cam) control to come later
    Fuel relay as per Robert's diagram
    I can add the fan control


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    Emailed you a cal.


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      Hello forum members

      I'm using SM4 standalone 1.11 on STi EJ20 (2004 ver 8) with intake (only) AVCS. The intake cams (JDM spec) have 4 lugs for the HSI input. I'm running both front Crank and Cam sync sensor.

      The I/P Cylinder & Sync - Subaru WRX 01...04 (Custom);
      Ignition Setup - 4 Cyl MC

      Recently upgraded a set of higher lift camshaft with only 3 lugs (USDM) for the HSI input. Can someone show me how to set the Variable Cam setup for this configuration?

      The attached (pic 1) show cyl/sync scope for the original trigger that i'm using (without connect the HSI 1,2);
      and (pic 2) show the differece between the camshaft HSI input pattern.

      Thank you for showing me some light.

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        Are you also changing the cam position sensors? Those 3 pulse cams use a 3-wire sensor which is a different length to the 4 pulse 2-wire sensors.


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          thanks for speedy reply,
          i will retain the same cam sensor position if possible and i'm using the 3 wire hall sensor.



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            I'm trying to use the original cyl/sync pattern without moving the cam sensor to the rear. Reason for that is to keep using the same knockboard.

            Can I machine another slot on the intake cam to make it all 4 slots 90 deg separate apart to each other, and in the VCam setup adjust the angle offset to suit?

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              While the 3 teeth can be made to work with the cal (post up the cal so I can change some greyed out parameters) I am not sure that they are in the correct positions to not cause a problem with the Cyl I/P lead angle. I guess you have an 88 deg knock board. Are you in Melbourne?

              You will also need a Cyl/Sync/HSI log with the cam sensors connected. Have you confirmed there are no problems with the sensor to cam clearance?


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                Thanks Ian, I live in Perth

                I've attached the CAL and greatly appreciate your help to make it work. This CAL was running the JDM CAM (shown from the VCam setup). The WRX knockboard with trigger lead = 88+/-3deg was installed in the SM4.

                Glad that can be modify in the software and I'm going to install the CAM tonight. The new 3 wire sensor is the correct type for these new CAM (3 lugs). Once the motor is back and I will do the Cyl/Sync/HSI log for you to check the lead angle.

                Looking forward to turn the motor again.

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                  Which cam sensor is connected to which I/P HSI and which PWM is connected to which cam solenoid? Specify by Cyl #1 or Cyl #2 side.


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                    Thanks, I've just installed the CAM back to the motor with the timing belt and ready to put back in the car

                    On Cyl#1 side: PWM 1 (RED/YEL #28) and HSI 1 (BLU #10)

                    On Cyl#2 side: PWM 2 (BRN/WHT #14) and HSI 2 (GRN #24)


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                      Cal attached. Do the scope log with the cam solenoids unplugged. Also, when you have the engine idling please report the Cam1 and Cam2 positions.
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                        Thank you Ian,

                        Once I put the motor back I'll will report the scope log as well the other crucial information with CAM solenoids unplugged.



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                          If you have time before re-installing the engine it would be a good idea to actually degree the centrelines of the intake cams. This is because the cam offsets will not be correct and there are often differences with the indexing on those 3 pulse cams.


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                            Tonight I will dial the CAM and get those references information before going back to the car.

                            Thanks again.


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                              Hello Ian

                              I get the motor turning this weekend with the following Scope/Sync and Cam position capture.

                              The 3 lugs center-line are equally space to each other i.e. 90 deg separate apart.
                              After dialing the Cam, the retardation and center angles from the stock IN-AVCS cam gears 125 deg and EX-115 deg, and the maximum valve lift from spec sheet at 108 deg ATDC.

                              I have captured

                              1) Only Cranking scope/sync
                              2) CAM position right after motor start without connected the AVCS solenoid
                              3) Motor idling scope/sync

                              The current problem:

                              a) Error indicated HSI1 and HSI2 (from error history)
                              b) CAM position has shown at 70 deg most of the time and occasionally flash at 125 deg.

                              Please help to make the AVCS work

                              Have a good weekend
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