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rb30 please help cal file needed

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  • rb30 please help cal file needed

    hi everyone, im tearing my hair out here and need some help. I bought a plenum, injectors, harness, surge tank, smc 1.92, coms cable and laptop 2nd hand from someone. they had all the same gear in the same car and crashed it on the way home from the dyno after getting it all tuned. I put it in my car and it wouldn't start, found out about the trigger wheel yarn so went back to the guys house and got his distributor off him and fitted it too. car still wont start and was coming up with cyl pulse or cyl reference and a number in ms. it was at this point that the laptop died in the ass and started moving the pointer by itself and opening and closing shit and then finally turned itself off. after a few hrs ive turned it back on and it appears to have lost the cal file as the only thing it has now is the smc and sm2 autotune cal files.

    if you have a cal file I can use or one you can modify for me to suit my engine it would be greatly appreciated as what started out as a head gasket a month ago has turned into day and sleepless nights on end of everything going wrong.

    below is a rundown of the engine:
    rb30de with decomp plate and rb30det cyl head
    custom forward facing plenum chamber
    444cc gtr skyline injector just serviced and tested
    garret 35/40 on highmount with 38mm ewg and 3" exhaust
    bosch 044 fuel pump, new intank fuel pump, 2l surge tank
    autronic chopper disc inside dizzy, 1 msd blaster ss coil
    xf falcon throttlebody 3" cooler piping and large front mount

    again any help would be appreciated, just wanna hear it run again!!

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    The laptop might have lost the cal but the ECU will still have the cal that was last stored in in.


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      Originally posted by Ian View Post
      The laptop might have lost the cal but the ECU will still have the cal that was last stored in in.
      That would be awesome if it is but ive spent a fair bit of time looking and cant seem to find it. Are u able to give me detailed instructions on how to find it please?


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        A couple questions for you, both of the cal files you have mentioned, where are you seeing them? Within the MAPS folder of the Autronic software folder?

        When you find that the mouse going all over the screen all on its own, it's typically because you've connected the laptop data cable, booted the laptop and started the engine/turned on the ignition all in the wrong order. The manual highlights the proper order and why.

        When you first opened the Autronic software can you confirm whether or not you were able connect to the ECU? Did you at anytime remember loading a cal file then pressing F4 to save new cal to ECU? If not, then I'm almost certain the ECU still has the tuned cal file stored in it.

        I can't help you with a startup/base cal file, but if you need assistance understanding errors or particulars which may be unfamiliar please feel free to send follow up post accordingly.

        Damien King
        Technical Analyst/Engine Management Calibrator
        Stephen's Automotive Research & Development Engineering


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