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Help! No injector pulse - SM4 v1.09

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  • Help! No injector pulse - SM4 v1.09


    I've recently installed a turbocharged Volvo B230 16v engine equipped with SM4 v1.09.

    When I attempt to start the engine I get Sync/cyl 0%
    Can anyone here please tell me what this means?

    The injectors don't open at all. The fuelpressure is appr. 3,0 bar when cranking. There are two hall sensors attached to the engine. The sensor on the crankshaft is triggered by to "taps", separated by 180 deg.
    The injectors are 4 Siemens Deka 3145, 750 cc.

    I'm new to Autronic and calibrating so please bear with me! I have verified that there is a spark. One weird thing is that the engine only cranks 45 rpm according to the computer, but it cranks like a normal Volvo engine, so i guess it's more like 200-300 rpm.

    Can someone please help me by checking my .cal-file and give me some advice/feedback? The engine is tuned by a professional, but he doesn't answer my mails or calls anymore :S
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    Is there proper supply voltage on both sensors and to the fuel injectors ?

    Looking at your cal file I notice that your overall fuel multiplier (M1 Base settings) seems high. Based on what I assume a total engine displacement is 2300cc, each cylinder volume would be 575cc and my calculation results in a multiplier value of 6.2192

    Regarding the crank rpm, could it be your signal inputs from cam and crank are reversed?
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      Thanks for fast reply Dynodom!

      As far as I can tell, the sensors get +8V and the negative (shield) is good. The signal cable is solid/good as well. To be able to check the signal itself, then I need some special equipment of some sorts/ocilloscope? Regarding the injectors, I get +12V when i measure between one of the connectors and the vehicle ground, when the ignition is on. When i read between the two connectors in the injector plug, what readings may I read when cranking?

      Regarding the total engine displacement I'm sorry that I forgot to mention it, but it has been adjusted to 2500 cc, so each cylinder is 625 cc.

      Hmm... I'm not sure. I have not done anything with the wiring other than connect it to the battery, fuel pump etc. I also haven't touched the set up in ECUCAL since I got the engine from the seller.

      I can't seem to figure out why the injectors won't open... I have tested to see if there is a signal at the injectors with a noid light, but there is not.
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        The signal cables for the triggers have been swapped sometime it appears! I just swapped them back, and the engine fired at the first attempt! Thanks alot for your help Dynodom! You have saved me from a ongoing big troubleshooting headache!


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          Is the engine speed reading correctly?


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            Originally posted by Ian View Post
            Is the engine speed reading correctly?
            Yes, the engine speed is reading correctly after i switched the cables between the trigger sensors!


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