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safe cal file- subaru 2.5 SOHC 800cc sm4

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  • safe cal file- subaru 2.5 SOHC 800cc sm4

    Hey all:

    Just trying to check and see if a new base map is the place to start. I'm having hunting issues at idle and am looking to start fresh and safe. SM4 ecu
    not sure if the pnp board cal files that were posted for 99-00 or 98 will work.

    2.5 usdm sti short block with 99' usdm sohc NA heads, 800cc inj, t3/t4 turbo, 2o/p 4cyl-ws

    the cal I'm using--cyl & sync pattern is subaru wrx 94-00

    thanks for the help.
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    What you need is to contact a good Autronic tuner near you. Either to do the full tuning, or to have him make a good map as a starting point for your own tuning.

    Best advice is to contact your nearest dealer for advice. Tell us where you live, and we can help you better.

    The engine you built is a great mix of Subaru engines, 2.5STI block, SOHC heads and T3T4 is far from standard. So it may be difficult to get hold of a premade safe start map for that engine.

    Make sure that the sync patterns from the cam wheel and the crank matches, and that the cam sync is aligned in time for the selected sync pattern.

    I am currently making an engine based on an EJ22 for my GT (RS). Will Make it in two steps to get some running time this summer. First with 97 x 75 geometry, EJ20K heads and all the turbo, FMIC, header and other external stuff, and then later i will break the engine for the next step with 2.5 US STI heads without VVT, 100 x 79 stroker and other internal jobs. I can help you with all that i know about Subaru and Autronic.

    A good starting point for you might be to start with an STI 2.0 cal file for SM4. Change the sync pattern. Change the "Overall Fuel Calibration Multiplier" for your cylinder volume and injector size. And disable the cam control stuff.
    Johan Jansson, +46-708-280832


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      If it would help you, I have an EJ257 block, SOHC heads, Custom Cams, 765cc injector, using WRX crank trigger, and Custom 600 cfm turbo, etc etc etc...

      But it's an SMC with chip version 2.0 CAL file.

      perhaps it contains enough information so you can export it to the SM4.

      let me know and I'll send it to you.
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        cal file

        thanks guys. over the weekend I had a bit more time to play with the setup and realized that I was running the wrong injectors so they were spraying like poop and after making this adjusment the idle hunting went away Now I have a fairly safe 10 psi tune on e85. I must first say wow e 85 is fun!! car runs tons better, pulls harder, and longer than on 91 oct. should be fun to get it to the track. then turn up the boost. wait my clutch sucks!!!


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          Nice to hear!

          Be careful that you don't get any leanspots or fuel surge with ethanol though. Crushed heads and split pistons will come from leanouts just like that. So keep it fairly rich.
          Johan Jansson, +46-708-280832


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            Hi, If we are using a normal gas wideband O2 cell, how lean is safe with E85? thanks Larry


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              Originally posted by 13larry View Post
              Hi, If we are using a normal gas wideband O2 cell, how lean is safe with E85? thanks Larry
              How long is a piece of string?

              General safe answer is to say that you should add 30% fueling compared to when using premium gasoline.

              To convert into AF ratio one has to take into consideration that ethanol has Lambda 1 at AF ratio 9 while gasoline has Lambda 1 at AF 14.7.

              Then one can run leaner on load with ethanol than on gasoline due to a higher octane rating, and more cooling effect on the charge air.

              But ethanol burns much faster when lean, compared to the rich mix often used on high load, so a leanout on high load with ethanol can easily cause uncontrolled high combustion pressures.

              And ethanol will not "knock" like gasoline. It will easily bust a head gasket or split a piston without any warning.

              But, one has to handle lean limit on high load and low load as to completely different things. On low load one can theoretically run rather lean. But then the combustion will instead soon become inefficient when going to leaner, and one will also need a pretty good spark to ignite the leaner mix.

              And when mapping for E85, one has to take into consideration that the amount of ethanol in "E85" will be different in summer and winter. And that will affect the fuel in many different ways.

              Here is a good thread on the topic. Look at Roberto Arano's postings in the thread:
              Johan Jansson, +46-708-280832


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                Hi, If we are using a normal gas wideband O2 cell, how lean is safe with E85? thanks Larry
                I run near stoich (Lambda 1) at low load light throttle cruise (manifold vacuum). High load WOT cells shoot for lambda of 0.76-0.72 from my experience. That would be a gasoline calibrated AFR of about 0.74 x 14.7 = 10.878 to 0.72 x 14.7 = 10.5. I have run as lean as lambda 0.78 at moderate boost, (gasoline calibrated AFR of 11.5). At Lambda 0.82 the engine got lazy on acceleration as it was too lean but at boost below 10 psi I never hurt anything on E85 at that mixture.

                This is on a 2.0 L WRX with a 16G small turbo.



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