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SMC 2.00 B3 trigger Config for a Subaru

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  • SMC 2.00 B3 trigger Config for a Subaru

    Evening! Question first.. Boring what i did second!

    For a SMC 2.00 B3 Firmware, is it hard coded to the late model WRX cam/crank trigger set as default or do you stil need to add 1 for the Subaru trigger in Old Mode 7? or is there some further settings to do?

    I would rather ask in the absence of documentation than smoke an ECU!

    Boooooooring bit....

    I Got my my nice fresh SMC 2.00B3 chip today, stuck it in my ECU, Stuck the Ecu into my BRZ with the coils disconnected, powered up, Saved the map that was in the Firmware, Loaded a Basemap based on the 2.00 cal from from WEPS thread (below)...Critically, the Subaru trigger option is not enabled but as it apparently worked...... why not , lets give it a crack!

    No Bong in the bongos! Things triggering, Software Tach in the tuning software reading between 2000rpm and 175, injector sync errors, the lot. Then the Battery in the car went flat so I packed up and went back to work. I didnt think of the Mode 7 config till I got back to the "office".

    So Its either a trigger air gap, or its a Basic config ID10OT issue. Trigger air gap could be an issue on the cam trigger as its a fabricated bracket holding the CAS.

    Now looking back at another thread ( Below) that has the 99WRX PNP map it appears the "subaru" trigger option IS enabled on that map. That or Ive done something dumb and didnt correctly set the ECU ver.....

    So.... I presume the answer is add 1? or is there a few more things to play with ( I noted the 99 PNP config has a 63deg offset where the other has 60..... Im also presuming go with 63 as well till it gets to the dyno.. which is all of 600 metres from where the car is!)
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